City Tour Half Day

During this half day excursion with a professional tour guide and comfortable vehicles, you will be able to know the highlights of the third most important city of Latin America, with three stop overs.

Officially founded in 1580, has been a Spanish Colony until 1816, year of the independence.

This one, is definitely the most European of all South American cities, and based on a high percentage of Italian and Spanish immigration arrived between the end of the XIX th century and beginning of the XX eth.

You will go along the most important neighborhoods, such as La Boca, where Caminito street still keeps the traces of the Italians and their architecture in colorful sheet houses. Next to the first of three ports, this is a must to smell the particular corners of this eclectic city.

Puerto Madero is nowadays one of the fanciest areas of BA, an old port recycled some years ago, where Puente de la Mujer (Woman´s bridge) and many restaurants deserve to be seen.

Also in South area, San Telmo is the smallest one, where we still can see the square, church and the beautiful houses that belonged to the high society before they left by the mid XIX, after cholera and yellow fever epidemics. Antique shops, tango houses and little old streets are only a part of this charming area.

Plaza de Mayo is one of the obliged photos and the place of the foundation of the city. Around this square, we find important buildings such as Casa Rosada (President´s Office), the Metropolitan Cathedral among others.

On our way to the Northern area of BA, we go through “9th of July Avenue” where Teatro Colon (opera house) is situated. At the end, we will find the neighborhoods developed after the XX eth century. Palermo and it´s green area, and Recoleta French styled area, where one of the most important cemeteries of the world is situated. We will have a walk inside the cemetery which is considered an open museum, due to the valuable architecture and the important personalities of Argentina buried here, such as Evita Perón.

The order of the itinerary can change according to vehicular traffic or weather conditions.

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